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UnAmerican Activities 2

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Reading Two

At unAmerican Activities #2, Virtual Cabaret, ten poets, five in New York and five in Cambridge, gave short readings, alternating between the two venues. Events in this format will punctuate the Series, as a quick-fire alternative to the usual programme of two poets, one at each venue, each reading from their own work and the work of others. The Virtual Cabaret format seeks to amplify the transatlantic traffic the Series aims to promote, providing a more informal and flexible platform for exposure and exchange.

The pamphlet published to coincide with the reading collected work by the 10 poets involved, Christina Chalmers, Corina Copp, Amy De'Ath, Jeremy Hardingham, Ian Heames, Josef Kaplan, Justin Katko, Luke McMullan, Sophie Seita, and Michael Tencer. As a result of the live audio connection, some recordings include a certain amount of feedback. Some readers preferred not to have their readings archived.


Readers (in reading order)

Josef Kaplan: 'Kill List'

Jeremy Hardingham: excerpts from 'Fugit Debris', 1: EIN; 2: 4; 3: Journal

Sophie Seita: sections from Meat (a chapbook in progress) with video (montage-material from Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin); 'Quick Second—No Replacements'

Christina Chalmers: 'Battle of Hyundai and Unilever', excerpts from 'hell, realism' and 'Commodore Perry’ from 'Scenes from under Nationhood'

Michael Tencer: 'pitstop'; 'Public Squirm Rummage Burst Scruple Pap Lingo'; 'internal memorandum'; 'NOW RIGHT NOW'; 'x-ray spex'; 'Holiday in New York'; 'Squatron', '[CXXXXSXX]'

Justin Katko: 'What we're gonna eat, e.g. the golf courses, etc.'

Luke McMullan: 'Starting Lines' (a working from early poems in Russian by Alexandr Vvedensky, written in 1920)

Ian Heames: Arrray one (1.1.1 ; 1.1.2 ; 1.1.3), from Banners Over Terminal Highway ('Photos of the Party'), 'Orca Plaintiffs' [printed in the pamphlet accompanying the reading]


Amy De’Ath: 'Holey'; 'Anti-anyway'; 'Tore Off'; (section from) Lower Parallel

All the media below are MP3 sound files unless indicated otherwise.

Christina Chalmers

Corina Copp

Josef Kaplan

Luke McMullan

Sophie Seita

Michael Tencer