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Verity Spott

Verity Spott


"Verity Spott is amongst company Ashleigh ffrench, Victor Krabb, Kate Emerson etc etc. Was born in the middle of England, lived there, moved to the south of England and stayed there. Runs Iodine Press, which has published/is publishing works by Oliver Tatum, Chris Buckley, Amy De'Ath, Ian Heames, Lisa Jayne, Sean Bonney, and more and more. Also co-runs (with Chris Buckley) the Horseplay event, which takes place on the last Thursday of the month and is a mixed medium performance space endeavoring to break the monotony of what could easily be a music and Performance Poetry "cabaret" by smashing into it hideous noise, free improv, gabber poetry and unfolk folk. Veich also runs occasional events: Dym, Dym X, PW4 and Kissing His Boyfriend's Eyelids. Voc ventures into music with Four Manatees, Binnsclagg, Olympus Sub, Benzo Fury, Xenoglossic Hypostases Hawk Hissed Roar, all of which can be searched for on the Internet and heard / watched. Books include Effort to No, Dear Nothing and No One In It (with Jonny Liron), Illuminate This! and the forthcoming Balconette. Poems, texts and pictures have been tastelessly pasted into publications including Materials, Hi Zero, The Claudius App, Litmus, Romulan Soup Woman, Sussex Guild of Poetry, Splinter, UnAmerican Activities, No1 Fake and Supernormal. Vision is reachable at There is a blog here: There is music here:

Imminentise the Escha-what?"


Cobden Road, Brighton on June 1st 2012


Poems in Hi Zero! magazine and Iodine poetry magazine.

Self published chapbooks:

  • Yoghurt Horse
  • Notes on Repair: Apply Liberally
  • Effort to No.

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