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Michael Grant

Michael Grant


Michael Grant was born in 1940. He studied English at Cambridge. Later he taught the subject at the University of Kent. At his retirement, he was Senior Lecturer in Film Studies.

His two most recent books of poetry are THE FIRST DREAM (Perdika, 2008) and THE WHITE THEATRE (Verisimilitude, 2011). Newer poems have appeared in some recent issues of TEARS IN THE FENCE. With Ian Brinton he has published two volumes of translation: Yves Bonnefoy 1 (Oystercatcher Press, 2013) and Yves Bonnefoy 2.


Sample Text


The wound you bear is not possible

There has been wreckage on the shore too long
each dead thing is made new
each fragment has acquired a more perfected brilliance

Those who speak say little

A language has been created

night after useless night having some other author
an accretion of dry stone
it emerged clear cut against the window from your eyes
the white source reaches to the heart

what we no longer see
peels the skin from the river

the book was open at the page where you left off
not a word broke the silence

the anger of the dead

has bedded down beside you
the skin tastes of dry stone

it pierces you

you are renounced
Attend to no other flame

we go on dying
in the remembrance of it






to collusion, silence, fragments I do not rescind,

encompassed by whatever

further principle of dereliction

you react to, resonance

a network of adjusted

pertinence and absolute descent--

it tightens round you,

light contracted through split leaves,

inert remembrance

traced where it has failed, failed as time

and its exact


fail, wrecked

on dissolution and prolonged delay--


increased without exchange, or least remainder

of what violates

its own excess--

intelligible, abandoned, without meaning--


structure to precede division,

identity without relation, death subtracted

from itself--



to what it comes to--






you do not belong.

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