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J. H. Prynne

J. H. Prynne


J. H. Prynne was born in 1936.  Until his retirement in 2005-6 he was Director of Studies and Librarian of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. 


  • Reading in Vancouver, 30 July 1971

    From a reading with Ed Dorn at Intermedia. Poems from Brass (‘Thinking of You’ and ‘Royal Fern’) and The White Stones (‘In Cimmerian Darkness’, ‘Moon Poem’, ‘The Glacial Question, Unsolved’, ‘A Dream of Retained Colour’, ‘Star Damage at Home’, ‘Frost and Snow, Falling’, ‘A Stone Called Nothing’, and ‘Aristeas, in Seven Years’). Following Prynne, Dorn read Gunslinger: Book II.

    Recorded by Fred Wah.  This recording is 1 hour and 1 minute long.

  • Reading in Vancouver, 1 August 1971, part 1

    Prynne reads from Kitchen Poems ('Numbers in Time of Trouble'), The White Stones ('Quality in that Case as Pressure', 'Shadow Songs', 'On the Matter of Thermal Packing', 'Oil', 'From End to End', 'A Sonnet to Famous Hopes', 'The Corn Burned by Syrius', 'Starvation / Dream', 'Crown', and 'As It Were An Attendant'), the entirety of A Night Square, and Brass ('Es Lebe der König', 'The Kirghiz Disasters', 'The Five Hindrances', and 'Of Sanguine Fire').

    Reading at the York Street Commune.  Recorded by Fred Wah.

  • Reading in Vancouver, 1 August 1971, part 2

    Reading at the York Street Commune.  Recorded by Fred Wah.

  • 'Cocaine' by John Wieners

    Recorded in Cambridge in 2004 by Keston Sutherland.

  • 'Refuse Collection': from a reading at Sussex University
  • Introduction to a seminar at Sussex by JH Prynne
  • from 'Kazoo Dreamboats; or, On What There Is'

    Reading at occupied Lady Mitchell Hall, University of Cambridge, for an event organised by Cambridge Defend Education, 27 November 2011. Prynne was the second speaker in the event, preceded by Selma James and followed by an open mic.  Recorded and introduced by Justin Katko. 

    This reading is 42 minutes long.

  • Reading in Shenzhen, PR China, on 12 December 2012

    Prynne reads "I saw my lady weepe..." (Anon., from John Dowland’s Second Book of Songs or Airs, 1600); from Pearls That Were; and from Kazoo Dreamboats; or, On What There Is.  With translations by Li Zhimin. 

    This reading was part of the Third National English Poetry Symposium and recorded by Justin Katko.  It is 19 minutes long.



Force of Circumstance and Other Poems (1962)
Kitchen Poems (1968)
Aristeas (1968)
Day Light Songs (1968)
The White Stones (1969)
Fire Lizard (1970)
Brass (1971)
A Night Square (1971)
Into The Day (1972)
Wound Response (1974)
High Pink on Chrome (1975)
News of Warring Clans (1977)
Down Where Changed (1979)
Poems (1982)
The Oval Window (1983)
Bands Around the Throat (1987)
Word Order (1989)
Jie ban mi Shi Hu (1992)
Not-You (1993)
Her Weasels Wild Returning (1994)
For the Monogram (1997)
Red D Gypsum (1998)
Pearls That Were (1999)
Poems (2nd edition, 1999)
Triodes (2000)
Unanswering Rational Shore (2001)
Acrylic Tips (2002)
Biting the Air (2003)
Blue Slides At Rest (2004)
Poems (3rd edition, 2005)
To Pollen (2006)
SUB SONGS (2010)
Kazoo Dreamboats; or, On What There Is (2011)


Stars, Tigers and the Shape of Words (1993)
They That Haue Powre to Hurt; A Specimen of a Commentary on Shake-speares Sonnets, 94 (2001)
Field Notes: 'The Solitary Reaper' and others (2007)
George Herbert, Love III: A Discursive Commentary (2011)
Early correspondence and essays in Certain Prose of the English Intelligencer (Cambridge: Mountain, 2012)

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