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Mendoza is a poet and researcher investigating disembodiment, liminal space and marginal entities through poetic practice. Their work evolves through a series of creative processes: performance, making and unmaking, appropriation and assimilation, exploring the interaction between sound, image and text as a means of de-constructing / (re)constructing the ‘self’.  Poems are written in sets of nine, each component containing nine lines or multiples of nine, frequently with nine syllables per line.  Their work references Northumbrian history, North-Eastern dialect as well as insect folklore and mythology, and explores the idea of containment through self-imposed boundaries, with an emphasis on both the materiality of the text and the creation of (single or multiple) textual identities.

Mendoza runs the occasional press ninerrors poetry series, editor of FREAKLUNG poetry zine and co-editor/event organizer with Sarah Crewe and Pascal O’Loughlin at Stinky Bear Press.




Poetry Chapbooks, Pamphlets and Magazines

  • “Entro" & "Un-love Son-nots" Gutteral, 2017
  • “the science of poetry : the poetry of science” Slug / Manson broadside,  2015
  • “Type Specimen: An Observant Guide To Linus Slug”, Contraband, 2014
  • “v o i l e  b l a n c “, ZONE 2, 2014
  • “silencing his return”, Litmus: Neurological issue, 2014 
  • “Of Cells and Mutation” The Daily Poem, Poetry International 2014
  • “the morning tapering off through the day”, Litmus: Forensic issue, 2014
  • “Sequences from Signs for Notation”, Dandelion 4.2 ECOLOGY, 2013
  • “Sequences from Signs for Notation”, Painted, Spoken, 2013
  • “Northumberland Poems”, Veer About, eds. Adrian Clarke & William Rowe, 2011
  • “Hitherto Hither Green”, Onedit 16, ed. Tim Atkins, 2010
  • Sporangiaphores, yt communication, 2009
  • Ffrass Gazette, the Arthur Shilling Press, 2009
  • “Junctions”, Cannibal Spices No. 4, Openned, 2010

Poetry in Anthologies

  • THE DARK WOULD language art anthology; Phil Davenport 2013 
  • Dear World and Everyone In It: Bloodaxe New Poets Anthology 2012, Bloodaxe, 2013 
  • Best British Poetry 2012, Salt Publications, 2013
  • Viersome #0; Veer Books, 2012

 Zines published by Mendoza


  • poets of the nine (Freaklung Issue 1: ninerrors 2009)
  • ODES: in memory of Barry MacSweeney (Freaklung 2, ninerrors 2010)
  • Inside My Head My Dog's A Bear (Stinky Bear Press, 2012)
  • POEM / ART / THREAT (Stinky Bear Press, 2013)
  • Venus as a Bear (Stinky Bear Press, 2013)



  • “Contemporary Innovative Poetry by Women in the United Kingdom: Revoicing in the Work of Holly Pester, SL Mendoza, and Sophie Robinson” Scott Thurston, Contemporary Women's Writing, Volume 9, Issue 1, 1 March 2015, Pages 53–72
  • “The Romance of Insects” Angel Exhaust, eds. Charles Bainbridge & Andrew Duncan, 2012
  • “Reading Mendoza, or, Linus Slug” (a review of Junctions), contributions by Jeff Hilson, Richard Owens, Peter Riley & Edmund Hardy,  Openned Zine, eds. Alex Davies & Steve Willey, Issue 2, June 2010 


Sample Text

I carried my bird like it           was a jewel –
flesh gaze, meshed in
                                    Close Mouth.

close mouth and front of tongue and mouth
forming palate                          and  mouth opens 
suddenly and makes the click of

I carried my bird like it was a jewel all twisting in.
my easy descent. my stomach sparsely dusted with


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