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Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards


Ken Edwards' books include Good Science, eight + six, Bird Migration in the 21st Century, No Public Language: Selected Poems 1975-95, the novels Futures and Country Life, and the prose works a book with no nameBardo and Down With Beauty. He has been editor/publisher of Reality Street since 1993. He is active in music as well as writing: his text for a piece by John Tilbury for piano, voice and sampled sounds, There's something in there..., received its premiere at Leeds Town Hall in July 2003, and his music for Fanny Howe's Spiral was first performed in Brighton and London in February 2004. He lives in Hastings, East Sussex, where he plays bass guitar and sings with the bands The Moors and Afrit Nebula.


  • Bardo

    This recording of an adaptation of 'Bardo' comprises an edited version of parts of 'The Fourth Day', 'The Fifth Day' and 'The Seventh Day'.  It was performed by Ken Edwards with musical accompaniment from Elaine Edwards, live at the Electric Palace, Hastings, 19 February 2014.

North London 2005

City on the Marshes" is an abbreviated version of the longest section of Nostalgia for Unknown Cities. This version was published in Kiosk 4 (2005). This recording was made on 15 June 2005, at a flat in north London.



About eight + six:
"... can sound one moment like a Tudor lutesong, the next like a sociological critique, a weather forecast or WS Graham. It's playfully modulated writing that exhibits its intelligence in the way it allows itself to be so talkatively populated." (Tony Baker, The Gig)

About Nostalgia for Unknown Cities:
"Really a great sustained resilient and berserk piece of work. 'The gospel has nihilism as its consequence,' according to Gianni Vattimo the Nihilist Metaphysician. This is it. The traffic!  But beyond all the disgust and dread that drives the observer, there is some practiced emptiness too, and lack of judgment.  Just pure observing." (Fanny Howe)

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