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Ed Luker


Ed Luker joined Jazz Pharmaceuticals in October 2005. Mr. Luker was most recently National Field Sales Director, Pain Management, for McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson. He led the sales launch strategy for FLEXERIL 5mg. He holds a BSc from the University of California, Davis.


Cobden Road, Brighton on June 1st 2012


Some of his poems have appeared in HOLLY WHITE MAGAZINE, HiZero magazine,
Halfcircle #4 and International Egg and Poultry Review (Friends Magazine
2). His first collection of poetry is forthcoming on Shit Valley press.

Sample Text

Dress the world up in my care and ess pit in my I
Remember what I told my own face doctor which was u in the deck chair
Holding a crystal and incanting love into my very being
Love being so demonstrably the runic isosceles club
Laser guided clubs being truly *for *love which I envelope around your eyebrows
Now your eyes look so funny in a kind of racist way
But not *for *love growing in value between the sandwiches and the cracks
Rising up to the surface in a crescendo of sax and prescription receipts
Arranged into a mosaic of binary soft porn the man blubbing in the corner
Being little left to say / I Icicle / you in the word lying in the hexagon with the candle
I with the deck chair swirling the giddy waiting into a melting
Fire of neuron haulage and spectacular limits to consciousness
Raising love to the incline and dropping it in the ashtray


"Ed Luker's hi-score on Donkey Kong Jr. became an obsolete metonym for cultural capital when the banks crashed sometime last semester. He has since been taking legal advice from the board of Jazz Pharmaceuticals and has accordingly replaced his holodeck with three seashells of nominal breadth, each representing, via a curious system of bulbs and splash-panels, myriad neo-imperialist speech impediments which Ed is fluent at de-cathecting. His neon contrast bulk is song consistent." - Hi Zero Corp.

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