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Marc Atkins

Marc Atkins


Marc Atkins is an English artist, photographer, videographer and poet. Atkins has lived and worked for many years in London, but has also spend extended periods of time in Rome, Detroit, New York, Warsaw and Paris.

Atkins's web-site:

"Through photography, video, film, drawing and text, I have looked to make manifest the characters and elements I see occupying the place, the pause, the precise point of crossover between states of existence. It is usually in the redolence of a room or the multi layering of the city that I find this field of the invisible and the latent forms which become my images. These images can be seen as the lost frames of a film, elements of an endless performance, or the few discovered pages of a missing text, each suggesting a story which continues beyond its borders. This place is a house with many floors, from its countless rooms emerge figures of disturbing and sensual character, each acting out their distinctive cycle, its myriad windows look out onto cities and landscapes that are at once elegant and desolate. These are images located below the surface of immediate visibility, they are images of subjective states."



Solo Books

  • The Logic of the Stairwell, prose poetry (Shearsman)
  • Warszawa, photography, with texts by T. Pioro and A. Sosnowski (Wig-press)
  • Thirteen, photography, with texts by thirteen writers (Do-Not Press)
  • Liquid City, photography, with texts by Iain Sinclair (Reaktion)
  • The Teratologists, photography and text (Panoptika).

Work anthologised in:

  • The World's Top Photographers: Nudes, also inc. Bourdin, Rankin, Rheims (RotoVision)
  • The Nude, also inc. Bill Brant & Ralph Gibson (RotoVision).


  • Interstice, solo exhibition catalogue (British Council)
  • Faces of Mathematics, solo photography (Panoptika)
  • Equivalents, solo exhibition catalogue (Gallery FF)
  • FABS: 1999-2002, catalogue of Fabs Association, Poland (Fabs)
  • Royal College of Art Fashion Catalogue, joint photography (RCA)
  • The Society of Scottish Artists exhibition catalogue
  • Winter-New York exhibition/performance catalogue

Film and videography (selection):

  • 'Fascia in Do Minore' (music by Stefano Guzzetti) 6:07 2012
  • 'Underlie_01' 23:29 2011
  • 'Underlie_02' 31:13 2011
  • 'Underlie_04' 30:00 2011
  • 'Pro Tempore' 31:20 2010
  • 'The Unchanging Day' 30:21 2009
  • 'Between States' 4:19 2009
  • 'More Dark Than Matter' 15:19 2009
  • 'Delivering the Device' (collab. Rod Mengham) 1:50 2009
  • 'Without' 4:41 2008
  • 'Impasse' 7:37 2008
  • 'Une' 0:55 2008
  • 'Quiet, This Still Air' 6:20 2007
  • 'Your Concrete Arms' 5:45 2007
  • 'A Place of Futures' 6:20 2005
  • 'Orphée' 3:50 2004
  • 'Scratch' 50:00 2003
  • 'Space, space' 1:30:00, 2003
  • 'Sounding Pole' (collab. Rod Mengham) 4:00 2003
  • 'A Moments Tribute' (collab. Rod Mengham) 6:00 2002
  • 'Bal' (collab. Rod Mengham) 18:02 2001
  • 'Work in the Fields' (collab. Rod Mengham) 4:00 2001
  • 'Such Days' 12:04 1999
  • 'The Second Floor' 27:00 1999
  • 'Rodinsky's Mirror', 30:00 1999
  • 'The Claybury Inferno', 60:00 1999
  • 'Through the Corner of an Eye' 48:03 1998
  • 'Et Seqq.', 12:00 1995
  • 'Trace', 14:06 1995
  • 'Chemical Wedding', 10:06 1994
  • 'Kissing Echo', 2:07 1994
  • 'Ghost Muse', 7:00 1994
  • 'A Further Silence', 10:05 1993
  • 'Apply as time goes', 8:07 1993

Sound works:

  • 'Cast Multitrack 0111' 1:27 2012
  • 'xxcc 34 Random Piano' 29:23 2012
  • 'Survey01' 9:06 2012
  • 'SlowFall310212 2' 3:40 2011
  • 'L'air d'octobre' 4:51 2010
  • 'Street Machine' 22:20 2010
  • 'Short Noise' 5:45 2009
  • 'Last Days' 15:00 2004
  • 'London Dec 29 1998' 16:00 2004
  • 'Chemical Wedding' 5:00 2003
  • 'Silo' 7:00 2002
  • 'Equation' 5:00 2001
  • 'Manifest' - Un Phantoms CD 6:00 1999
  • 'Un Phantoms'-Un Phantoms CD 20:00 1998
  • 'Logos People', 10:00 1996
  • 'Outsiders I, II & III', each 6:00 1995
  • 'A line in the Dust', 20:00 1994
  • 'Ghost', 7:00 1994
  • 'The Peopled Streets', 8:00 1994

Other links:


'As a visual artist, Marc Atkins fills his work with hints and clues to a world of hidden spaces and scenarios. Here, in his writing, that world is disclosed in meticulous detail. It amounts to a reserve collection of the felt unknown, a whole new dimension that lies just beyond the familiar, on the edges of the utterly strange.' — Rod Mengham

'This fascinating, intoxicating and often hallucinatory book ranks amongst the best prose poetry collections of the last half-century. Atkins is a Surrealist visionary whose prose creates a murmuring dream in every sentence, a visual universe in every paragraph. His Logic of the Stairwell takes you into a world of verbi-voco-visual intrigues that explore the mechanisms of perception and memory while blurring accepted boundaries between the narrative and the lyrical, the sensuous and the philosophical, the essential and the residual.' — Michel Delville, author of The American Prose Poem

I took my time reading the Logic of the Stairwell, it's not a book you should get through in one go. Beautiful and moving, with a lot of variety in tempo. Some passages are so dense, so packed with potential meanings, that they just go by me, but I look forward to returning to them. I think that the greatest pleasure for me as a reader, apart from the imagery as such, was from the buildup of tension in a paragraph, and then the release taking an unexpected direction and form. A sly alteration, substitution, play on words and idioms, bringing Ashbery's procedures to mind. This is much stronger, to my mind, than the typically surrealist metaphors and the syntax they entail, and of which you have used quite a few. But these are just technical remarks. The book is wonderful, profound, real in the most intimate, emotional sense, without being obtrusive about this. A difficult pleasure, and all the more pleasurable for that.-- Tadeusz Pioro, poet, prose writer, columnist, literary historian and translator

'The thick detail of Atkins language lends his writing to prose poetry, often with asides of short sentences, to add whimsy and ever more detail to the worlds he creates.' -- Review by Sam Murphy 2011, Stride magazine:

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