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Tim Morris

Tim Morris


Tim Morris completed his doctorate on the poetry of Wallace Stevens at King's College Cambridge, in 2001. He has since worked as an English tutor for various Cambridge colleges and for the University of East Anglia. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Dundee. He has been publishing and performing his poetry since 1999.

Dr. T.J. Morris
School of Humanities
162 Nethergate
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN
Tel: 01382 384978


North London, 2005

This recording was made on 7 May 2005, in a flat in north London.


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  • 'Bum Epic', Bad Press Serials Version 1. ed. Jow Lindsay, Marianne Morris & Jonathan Stevenson (London: Bad Press, 2005), pp. 21-33.
  • 'From London, England' and 'Yogurt', Poetry Review, Vol. 94 No. 4 (Winter 2005), pp. 49-50.
  • 'Dramatis Personae', Jacket 20, ed. John Tranter (December 2002).
  • The Day of the Hangings, illustrated by Will Kellar (privately printed, 2002).
  • INSCRIPTIONS. Three poetry texts for collaborative exhibition with Tarvo Hanno Varres (photographer) and the Front Design Collective, Tallinna Linnagaleriis, Estonia, March 2000.
  • 'If You're Going Anyway' and 'Antonin', Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry Review, ed. Kevin Nolan (Cambridge 2000).
  • Ex Nihilo (privately printed, 1999).
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  • Diagnostic (Cambridge: Barque Press, 1999).

Sample Text




For fair the wind tugs dendrites green
  which form from trees, spliced and transcribed
from expression's candid grape, stolen moments.
  Retreat a doubty step, and, in vitro,
count off transposons back to the bleak neck
  of the bottle. They try to shake themselves free,
but, in the withered distance,
  are calibrated back to zero, fitted with
flat plates and compressed suspension rings.
  Care must be taken to prevent some
rapture of the paper, likely as a sky
  which blots the spillage, heat-resistant mother,
close-fitting gauge, one size smaller than normal.
  Proceed then, according to filtered density,
preparing an inert atmosphere, stomping ground
  for a plastic scintillation, urgent from light.
Centrifuge repeatedly the tip's characters to
  seal inside a vacuum tube, so empty,
so cogent, so totally rinsable surfactant.
  In charcoal dark, it labours to foreswear
the damaged clamp, gripping down hard
  to respring alloyed voice back to the horizontal.
There the sterile products squat down, are
  plumped for mini-prep, then freshly laundered in return.
What single phase could catch the diaphragm?
  What failure pressure check the clarity
of clearing fluids, incubating straight absorption?
  Only, local observation may shortly out
the unknown mass, membrane ruffling
  in the air flow between interconnecting taps.



On a second to second turnaround
  it matters ever less how night blows on,
now it is inert; shut the lid and drill a vent hole,
  or register at least the open type, so fondly
cut and glazed, attending to glass and enamel.
  Focussing the angled head will, by and by,
reveal that pan of samples, integrated
  on micro and macro scales, freeze dried.
Distending palettes stir up the scattered spares,
  pour in, suck out in frequent short peaks.
But for the yellow, swirling round a powdered
  centre closed and locked in use, these meshes
tested fine enough to gather in the bore size,
  gradient, trajectory, and manifold delight.


  In the high retention hear these
busy arteries convey their destinations,
  opened sight grown spherical, impossibly abstract,
where only simple extraction, distillation were required.
  The rote it is, the drone, the sound,
flash-testing models to the failure pressure
  `til each broken shard reintegrates, now
interchangeable jets are mounted on a rigid base.
  Blue prisms of arched sky, so simply inserted into
nightlight's cabinet, where untreated breath
  hangs in air, hazy token of evaporated speech.
These insulated vessels in white, grey
  and green, these bulk quantities and maxi-packs
are not to be spoken of, that so tightly bind;
  or like the moon sliding between cloud-banks,
sanctions this ever in perpetuity, lending no part.
  Only here is that lie pre-sterilized, laminated
permanently against the contaminated sheets.


All various and new this stark homogeniser,
  how routine in the visible spectrum,
a course and fine control, the readout's resolution
  how sharp. To estimate dilating method
fix on a direct reading , hold fast
  the flow from a partial immersion;
again like this, and again takes place
  a rack and pinion focus, diopter corrections
adjusted to qualitative grades.
  With that, the flasks lay so unused as said,
unsuitable for use; substantial shock
  withstanding razes the diameter, the damaged
aeration, stirring conductivity at the stiff joints.
  Lubricant of final resolution, the little friction
cannot hold, coupling always to the geared motor.



Time elapsed exceeds the function's clicks;
  when the auto-sequence is complete
the atmosphere is anaerobic, now safe to open
  outer doors, peering in at it, quivering and leached.
So there can be a governance too far,
  (no proven cascade wholly fluted to its own)
dry contacts, the alarm light dreamed up in
  anxious audit, balance of which may never be
present here. Pictured clockwise on the wall
  of sung space, a distant face, never but to thaw
the antibody, drain lines connect to existing plumbing.
  That beauty has no emotion, foamed in place
as the system rings back as a reminder.
  Time elapsed, all controls are recessed for safety,
directing the flow through baffled panels, downshifting
  tones as the vehicles head behind, ever ageing.
We are designed to slip under the counter
  when space is limited, no sea of tranquillity;
with high visibility glass doors, optional insulation
  and ringback, auto-charging beyond limits or power,
the chamber maintains conditions simulating
  accelerated shelf-life; and then a special console
greets and houses complete lag for closer tolerances.

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