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Oli Hazzard

Oli Hazzard
Oli Hazzard


Oli Hazzard was born in Bristol in 1986. He is the author of two books of poems, Between Two Windows (Carcanet, 2012) and Blotter (Carcanet, 2018), and a book of criticism, The Minor Eras: John Ashbery and Post-War English Poetry (Oxford University Press, 2018). He lives in Edinburgh and teaches at the University of St Andrews.






Sample Text




            the course of

a particular


the word




how I see

            the snow

how I know

            it is

what it is



            to it


            in the air

of the word





'The poems appear to be concerned with divisions and demarcations, as in wood and trees, face and hand, mountain and valley, border and fence, original and copy, and the power around them. Like Emily Dickinson’s poems they are concerned with the construction of those divisions as the place between the lines where the self is located . . . These poems are extraordinary and leave the reader puzzled and amazed.'--David Caddy, Tears in the Fence

'We are invited to pick at the food of words, to potter around the loosely collaged wordscapes, to find pleasure not pain in the precision of the lack of clear semantic connections between these words. The puzzle may look as though it is being generated by the holes and fissures in the language surface. In fact, the puzzling is provoked more by the act of invitation, the verbal gesture to come within, which the collage-y, juxta-vocalizing textures ask one to respond to.'--Adam Piette, Poetry London

'The cumulative effect of reading all twenty of these poems in a row is a very appealing form of quasi-dissonance. All those barely missed connections between the units, coupled with their strict regimentation on the page, creates a kind of prosodic static electricity.'--Stephen Ross, Boston Review

'A clear, bright voice that can turn to dazzling obfuscation and darkness in this debut collection from a young poet. Personal, genuine and rigorously thought through, for all its dreamlike detail.'--Caroline Daniel, Financial Times


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