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Karl MV Waugh

Karl MV Waugh


Karl M V Waugh: Grew up in Brighton (has lived in London and now Brighton). Has a Doctorate in Pure Mathematics (Coding Theory, Combinatorics and Information Theory). Works programming computers (websites, backend systems, pretty interactive graphs). Writes poetry (this). Plays instruments (violin, guitar, synth, vocal noises, pieces of metal). Makes noise (internet search: The Zero Map / Binnsclagg / DR:WR / A Band / his own name etc.) Has organised gigs (sporadically, sometimes with Verity Spiders). Co-runs a no-audience limited run label (Emblems of Cosmic Disorder, co-run with wife). Poetry released (in magazines by: Supernormal, Sussex Guild of Poetry, Iodine, Syndicate, Newport Life).

Solo music link:


Recorded by Karl MV Waugh at his home in Brighton on 5 August 2014


Poetry Books (self published yo, unavailable unless stated):

  • 5 Alarm Systems (in a folder with 'Songs About Choir Boys' CD)
  • Vanilla S&M (online free with soundtrack)
  • Rituals and Fragments of Machine Code
  • Set Theory
  • Awfullier
  • Acne Grease

Sample Text

A flowery




We find the frequency

Pleasant elastics

Manufactured forwards




Melanin balances slow

Minutes from a meeting

Examining character


Or elevation

To retune this piano

Daintily magnify

Our magic tricks

Faint magnitude of

Eleven thousand

Lost postal items



Clockwork Magpie Planetarium


I can sit

sold sacrosanct

making meals for myself

and the few orbiting


sent planes lifted

a seagull limping after

those natural moments

of anaesthetic

reclaimed food wrapper


how dumb is happy

with swollen feet

with carcinogenic lifestyle


boiled down into

h or h


less the bus fare I feel free

craving tinted smiles

lent a lifetime of future proofing


blended for all the wrong reasons

a sentiment soldered

in a circuit board

sketched onto my closed palm


excused for fire forms

blanket tick boxes

appointed scrap heap

golden age of


zeppelin fire


the smell rolls right

across the street

where people walked before

they took their clothes off


leaning door ways of soft scent

inside a time of

devoting my unconscious

& craving a wild blood flow


bleeding from the tooth

tilted towards stature

soft as crows feet

swollen and unable to

open the door


dream panic

a litter decoration

on amnesia


were there a lone magpie

redemption service,

or so.


Specialists in Meat, Poultry and Game

Part I:

The sound of rain can be faked. This is tautology.

This is a velvet curtain faint. Tracing lips in windows in solitude.

Magic a mainstay in a deaf science, here a fragrance of tentativity, there a leaf.

We recreate the sound of that cry,

laminate pebbles and brick dust,

cross examine a mine field of critical questions.

The grass stains are not something I can explain, memory lapsed.

These records we identify by, so deja vu, so newspaper collection & delivery.

I'm not asking.

We don't amount to that much mass.

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