New recordings from Brighton

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Written by: Administrator on January 4, 2013

Following an impromptu poetry festival at 73 Cobden Road, Brighton, the Archive is pleased to present readings by:

  • Alan Hay
  • Ed Luker
  • Joe Luna runs the Hi Zero reading series and edits Hi Zero magazine.  Crater Press published the letterpress fold Google Song in 2011; a new book, ASTROTURF, is forthcoming.
  • Verity Spott is a musician who runs regular music and poetry events including Horseplay and DYMI/DYMX/DYMII/PW4 as well as the Iodine poetry press. Verity is one half of the infamous Binnsclagg noise/poetry duo; collaborations include works with Christopher Buckley, Francis Crot and Timothy Thornton. Poetry publications include a figurative ‘translation’ of ‘the’ Iliad.
  • Keston Sutherland teaches at the University of  Sussex and is co-editor of Barque Press. He has been heard just about live in  London, Cambridge, Brighton, Bolton, Paris, Val de Marne, Marseille, New  York, Boston, Mainz, Edenkoben, Guangzhou.
  • Timothy Thornton